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Embrace non-perfection: accordion sketchbook and doodling for creativity and good health

I love my sketchbooks.  Filling them with ideas, notes and designs allows me to work out ideas toward finished paintings.  But sometimes it is nice to have access to something that feel even more informal.  This week I made a "doodle sketchbook" just for messing about in.  I used a few larger sheets of drawing paper cut horizontally then folded accordion-style and glued into cardboard covers (cut down backs from empty WC paper pads).  My first page gives the advice of "Be brave enough to suck" reminding me to let go and just play.  For the firs

Watercolor Sketching Tools:  Sketchbook focus and more

Tips and Tricks! 

Watercolor Sketching Tools:  Sketchbook focus and more
One of the things I love about watercolor sketchbooks is the potential.  I can fill them with little notes, small details, or full sized paintings.  When full they become a visual reminder of where I was as a person and an artist.

Finding the right tools for your art makes a difference though.  Here are some thoughts that may help you choose what works best for you:

Doodling for good health

Creativity prompt  

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