Doodling for good health

December 07, 2022

Creativity prompt  
Research is showing that making art (any art) benefits your physical and mental health at any time, but it is especially important during times of extended stress (sound familiar?).  With this in mind I created my workshop series (in person and on-line options are both available). However I encourage all of us to sit back and creatively play regularly on our own.  This can be part of a regular routine (morning cuppa and a sketch) or something that you look forward to as a relaxation break (think of 15 minutes sittling outside with a sketchbook).  No matter what you do, slowing down and making that side of your brain play is good for you.

Here is an easy prompt to start: Contour Lines.  Put pen (yes pen, you can be bold!) to paper and see where the lines lead you: ovals, spirals, swoops, crossing over, or not,  follow the same movement at a different latitude.  Experiment, see if there is a rhythm.  There are no rules. Let the line lead you as much as you lead the pen  Add color as you see fit. Some would call this doodling, doodling is good!  Allow yourself to make mega-doodle-art, just let it go farther and see what happens.