"Whiskered Owl: Hidden Stories" hand embellished fine art prints

"Whiskered Owl: Hidden Stories" hand embellished fine art prints
Only 20 available
Hand Embellished Reproduction Sizes

The whiskered screech owl loves wearing his leaf hat while guarding the tiny door hidden in this twisty tree.  Rich pigments with heavy granulation and some sparkle add to the mystery of this painting.  Some of the paints used in this painting were made from the following stones:  Sodalite, Zoisite, Serpentine, and Garnet.

This is a special edition printing; each reproduction has a bit of gold sparkle with hand painted details.  Each print is unique and signed by the artist.

Archival print of Katrina's watercolor painting, printed on museum grade paper, packaged in a clear archival sleeve with backerboard and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

Non-embellished prints are available, contact me for more information.