"Titmouse and Berries" Original Art Block Print

"Titmouse and Berries" Original Art Block Print
Only 1 available

I love the bold lines of my hand pulled block prints.  This art captures the wintery magic of the tiny song bird on a branch of vibrant red berris.  The slate-grey ink used for this print contrasts in a wonderful way with the creamy butter-yellow tone of the mulbery paper.

"Titmous and Berries" Original Art Block Print by Katrina Meister, this was a very limited run print, only 7 total were created, each on a different paper!  Printed on warm toned mulberry paper with a bit of fiber texture.  The paper is approximately 6" x 8".  This listing is for hand-pulled print number 6 of 7. There are just a few of the prints on other papers available, feel free to contact us if you would like to see the others.


This is a one of a kind print.

Packaged in an archival sleeve with backer-board. 

Includes Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.