"Swan Poem" an original watercolor painting

"Swan Poem" an original watercolor painting
Only 1 available

Honoring the beauty and hope of Spring and the poetry of Mary Oliver. 

This poem spoke to me in such a way that I needed to incorporate it into a painting.

This is an original only painting over the handwritten excerpt from the poem "The Swan", by Mary Oliver.  It will not be reproduced in any way.

An Original 8"x 8" Watercolor painting on 140lb hot press handmade Shizen watercolor paper with deckle edges (you can see the edges in the second image). 

Protected in an archival sleeve with backerboard with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

This painting has a slight iridescence in places from paint I used. 

(to see it larger you can click on the image)

The poem reads:


“And did you see it, finally, just under the clouds-
A white cross Streaming across the sky, its feet
Like black leaves, its wings Like the streatching light of the river?
And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything? 

And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?
And have you changed your life?”

-excerpt from the poem "The Swan", by Mary Oliver

This art is a wonderful reminder of making the most of life.

Buying original art can feel daunting - but art that speaks
to you will add joy to your life every time you look at it.
You are welcome to contact me with any questions, if you 
would like close up photos or ideas on hanging or framing.  
I am happy to help.

The last image shows the painting sleeved as it is sold next to a 12" ruler for reference.