Songbirds Trio of Mini-prints

Songbirds Trio of Mini-prints
Only 20 available

3 Fine Art Reproductions

These three art pieces look great together or separately.  Each piece is full of rich detail and color. 

These prints glow!  Our min-prints are a great size for gift-giving, using in a multi-piece display, or adding life to a small space.  Easily fits in a 5x7 frame.

Includes three 5"x7" archival reproductions: "Black Capped Chickadee", "Golden Crowned Kinglet", and "Cedarwaxwing" 

 3 Archival prints of Katrina's watercolor paintings, printed on 5"x 7" museum grade paper, packaged in a clear archival sleeve with backerboard and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.