"Peace: Pax Cultura & Chickadee" Note Card Gift Set

"Peace: Pax Cultura & Chickadee" Note Card Gift Set
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The Pax Cultura emblem (the 3 spheres in a circle) is the symbol representing perhaps the first international treaty dedicated to the protection of artistic and scientific heritage: the “Roerich Pact”. 

It is also called the Banner of Peace. 

The symbol represents the “totality of culture” and the idea that all races are united and deserve to be free of conflict.

Katrina's beautiful watercolor painting is printed as top quality reproductions for each notecard.

Printed on felt pressed recycled card stock.

Individually cut and folded by hand.

Cards measure 4.25" x 5.5" Blank inside. 

Package of 6 note cards.   Envelopes of course are included.

A portion of all sales of this card will be donated to organizations actively working toward peace.