Owl at the Twisty Tree" fine art Print

Owl at the Twisty Tree" fine art Print
Only 19 available

Stories abound in this painting filled with lush twilight atmosphere.   

A quiet Barn Owl looks over its shoulder from the curves of the twisty tree, three mushrooms are tucked among the roots as well as a tiny, hidden door.

This is a special edition printing; each reproduction has a bit of gold sparkle with hand painted details. The second image shows a detail of one copy.  Each print is unique and signed by the artist.

Archival print of Katrina's watercolor painting, printed on 13"x19" museum grade paper, packaged in a clear archival sleeve with backerboard and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

This print is also available in a smaller size and as a non-Hand-touched reproduction (see the last two images).  Contact us to see what is available.