"Amaranthine Reflections" Fine Art Reproduction Print

"Amaranthine Reflections" Fine Art Reproduction Print
Only 20 available

The grace of an egret in flight in a reflective world of purples. 

Moody and beautiful, this rich landscape is meditative but full of movement.

(This painting succeeded in using every type of purple pigment that I had on my palette :-)

This print captures all of the vibrant purples in this watercolor landscape.


Archival print of Katrina's watercolor painting.  Printed on 11"x 8.5" museum grade paper, packaged in a clear archival sleeve with backerboard and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

This print is now available as a hand-touched reproduction!  Contact Katrina to see what versions are available that she has personally added a bit of Amathyst and Sugalite (sparkles!) paint to.  The price is slightly more for hand touched prints.