"Koi & Great Blue" Original Art: Acrylic Tapestry Painting

"Koi & Great Blue" Original Art: Acrylic Tapestry Painting
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Two koi fish swimming in the deep color of this art, a Great Blue Heron on the shore in the distance. 

The serenity and beauty of a koi pond without the effort.  

This is an Acrylic Tapestry Painting on soft canvas.  It is easy to ship and ready to hang from the included dowel and ribbon,  The techniique creates layered, rich color full of depth and energy while giving the viewer a feeling of serenity.  I created this painting technique because of my love for the look and feel of Asian scroll paintings.  The painting itself is 10" x 38",  space for hanging this painting should be approximately 14" x 45" or larger.  Certificate of Authenticy signed by the artist is included.

When you find a piece of art that feeds your spirit it will bring joy to your space for years to come. 

You are always welcome to contact me with questions or to request more information.